About Percy Loves Lulu

Inspired by our greyhounds; beauty, elegance and langour personified. Percy is a big, goofy fawn greyhound who hasn’t a mean bone in his body and isn’t very brave. His rock in life was Savannah, the matriarch, who, despite her gangly frame and general air of hauteur, was in complete charge of everything and ruled his life.

When Savannah died suddenly aged 12, Percy fell apart. His face went white in the space of a few days, he refused food and play and became fearful of even more things. He was so miserable that a new greyhound became an urgent requirement and Lulu arrived sooner than planned. When we brought her home, Percy went wild with excitement – he brought all his toys and favourite things and piled them in front of Lulu and just wanted to play and be with her. She, like a typical girl, ignored him for a day or two and he was crushed. But it was only for show and now they are the best of friends.

Percy and Lulu are lucky. Callously discarded once their racing days were over they were both rescued and responsibly rehomed. We are proud to donate a percentage of our profits to GRWE and GIN to improve greyhound welfare and help other hounds find their forever homes.